Thyroid Cancer

Hypothyroidism Detox Diet

December 27, 2015

For the person with autoimmune hypothyroidism, a detox diet that removes inflammatory foods can significantly alleviate thyroid symptoms. Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism is a condition in which the immune system attacks and destroys the thyroid gland, and accounts for 90% of hypothyroidism cases in the United States. Hashimoto’s is linked with leaky gut and gut inflammation, conditions […]

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Are Your Adrenals Affecting Your Thyroid?

December 24, 2015

The adrenals are small endocrine glands sitting on top of the kidneys.  They produce a variety of hormones that affect neurotransmitters, other hormones, blood pressure, and ultimately all body processes. You may not know it, but chances are you have adrenal and thyroid problems. The thyroid gland sits like a butterfly at the base of […]

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The Best Diet For An Underactive Thyroid: Splitting Fact From Fiction

December 20, 2015

Our thyroid plays a huge role in metabolism. Alongside insulin and cortisol, thyroid hormones are a driving factor behind metabolic rate and weight management. As you would expect, many health problems emerge if our thyroid stops working properly. Studies show that at the very least 3.7% of American adults have an underactive thyroid, which is […]

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5 Foods that Can Wreck Your Thyroid

December 19, 2015

{Hypothyroidism. It’s a big topic these days. Seems almost everyone has thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue these days .  In fact, I’ll be writing about my own thyroid issues soon, hopefully, and will share some of what I’ve learned. Today, let’s learn about 5 Foods that might be a problem for hypothyroidism.  Are YOU eating these?} So, […]

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The Coconut & Thyroid Connection: How This Tropical Nut Supports Healthy Thyroid Function

December 13, 2015

I have people tell me all the time… “I can’t seem to lose weight no matter how much I exercise, I feel tired and I don’t know what is wrong with me.” Does this sound like you? A good place to start uncovering issues is to consider the efficiency of the thyroid. Often, even if […]

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