Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease: The CDC’s Greatest Coverup & What They Don’t Want You To Know

December 26, 2015

Lyme disease, do you have it? If you did, you probably wouldn’t know – unless you’re one of the chronic sufferers that have had to visit over 30 doctors to get a proper diagnosis. Lyme disease tests are highlyinaccurate, often inconclusive or indicating false negatives. Why? Because this clever bacteria has found a way to […]

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This Is What Lyme Disease Feels Like

December 25, 2015

It’s a beautiful day — stunning actually — but I’ve been lying in bed since one in the afternoon. I’s now almost six and I’ve wasted yet another day thanks to Lyme disease. In the last week, my joint pain has been getting worse and worse. Today, it feels like I’ve been hit by a […]

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Debbie Gibson: Recovery from Lyme Disease Has Been a 'Challenge'

December 24, 2015

When Debbie Gibson wasdiagnosed with Lyme disease last year, she began a scary journey of pain and confusion. “My back kept going out,” she tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t lift my head sometimes. My boyfriend said I was mixing up words in my texts. It really got into my cognitive skills. I took crazy amounts of […]

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Why people with Lyme cannot drink alcohol

December 23, 2015

Here’s a couple reason why lyme and alcohol don’t mix.  1. Our Livers are Already Overtaxed “The toxins from lyme and the chemicals from drugs and alcohol can destroy vital liver function. Most patients with lyme ALREADY have liver damage and dysfunction, most specifically with the Cytochrome P-450 liver detoxification pathway. That makes is very […]

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Testing for Lyme Disease: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

December 22, 2015

Imagine a world where the approved screening test for a disease running rampant misses 55% or more positive individuals. Imagine a world where a second screening test is available, but this test still miss 20-30% of positive individuals. Imagine a world, where the CDC has removed vital pieces of information from this test, making accurate diagnosis […]

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The Hidden Epidemic Of Lyme Disease

December 21, 2015

It is time we took a serious look at Lyme disease. If not treated early and appropriately, infection with Lyme can produce chronic disease that can cause severe pain, debilitating fatigue, reduced quality of life andneurological problems such as impaired memory and concentration. The CDC now recognizes that more than 300,000 new infections occur every […]

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What is Lyme Disease? 8 Facts You Need to Know And Common Herbs Used To Treat Lyme Disease

December 20, 2015

{Today, please welcome Corah from Homespun Rabble Rousers, here to answer: What is Lyme Diseaseand Could YOU Have Lyme Disease? Been wondering about this mysterious illness that seems to be popping up all over the place?  Me too.  Find out more here.} – Paralysis – widespread joint and muscle pain – severe fatigue – headache, rashes […]

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5 Things I Wish You Knew About Lyme Disease

December 15, 2015

5 Things I Wish You Knew About Lyme Disease If you’ve ever had anyone tell you they have Lyme disease and you’ve answered, “What disease?” you’re not alone. Though this disease is “the most commonly reported vectorborne illness in the United States,” according to the CDC, relatively few people know anything about it or even realize it exists. […]

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December 13, 2015

NATURAL REMEDIES FOR LYME DISEASE AND HOW TO PREVENT IT With summer in full swing, pests like mosquitos and ticks are a concern. Not only are ticks annoying, but they can also be carriers for the dreaded Lyme disease. Infected blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks, bite unsuspecting humans and transmit the bacterial infection […]

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