10 Warning Signs You Have Thyroid Cancer And Thyroid Problems

Thyroid disease is on the rise these days. Sadly, due to our lifestyles and the toxicity of daily life our thyroids take a beating. While the problem is common many people experience symptoms that they think are normal or they don’t recognize the roll their thyroid plays in them.
My first major indication that I had a serious thyroid problem was I woke up with a panic attack. It was out of the blue and I had never experienced one before. It totally scared me! I began to look at what could be the root of it and quickly decided that my thyroid was the culprit. 
It took me three doctors that were willing to run a full thyroid panel to discover that I had Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition.
Since my diagnosis, I have researched and found I had many indications of thyroid problems for years. I wish I knew then what I do know. I have found that in the thick of thyroid disease, you need to become your own thyroid advocate.
If you are experiencing any of these problems without any other explanation, it may be time to ask your doctor to check out what your thyroid is doing.

1.) Thinning hair or hair loss

Are you noticing that when you brush your hair you are leaving a lot of hair behind? Or is your hair not as thick as it was when you were younger? Both of these issues can be due tohypothyroidism or issues like low iron, which have a hand in thyroid regulation.

2.) Trouble regulating body temperature

Are you often cold when nobody else is? This was something I struggled with for a long time, I thought it was just me. When I finally found a doctor that would take my thyroid problem seriously, on the list of questions he asked me were if I was cold often. He said this is a common indicator of thyroid issues. (As well as overheating too much which can be associated with hyperthyroidism)

3.) Thinning eyebrows

Are the outer edges of your eyebrow thin or non existent? This is a problem I recently found to be connected to thyroid function. My functional medicine doctor checked my eyebrows as soon as I sat down. It blew me away!

4.) Brain Fog

A common problem for tired moms, but is your brain fog still there when you finally get some sleep? Diminished brain clarity is a big problem among thyroid patients.

5.) Unexplained weight gain or loss

I know it is easier to gain weight as we age, but when we are suddenly packing on the pounds for know reason, you need to check out the thyroid. (This also goes for losing weight with no change to diet or exercise)
When the thyroid hormones under or over produce it can very much effect how our body stores and uses fat.

6.) Aching joints and muscles

This was a symptom that came later for me, but I thought it was because I wasn’t sleeping well. I’d wake up with aching leg muscles. I also started to notice my hands hurting a lot, I kept dropping things too.
The thyroid hormones take so much out of your body, it is common to be depleted of minerals. This often causes aches, pains and even cramps.

7.) Depression or anxiety

Depression can happen due to circumstances of life. However, if you find your moods constantly down with no emotional reason, it is time to look at what can physically be causing your sadness. Thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue can often be found in the root of these issues.
Unexplained anxiety can also be the case of hyperthyroidism or autoimmune thyroid issues, as the the thyroid is attacked, it gives off excess thyroid hormone, causing anxiety and panic attacks.

8.) Inability to gain or lose weight

Have you tried every diet and exercise out there with no impact on your weight? Check the thyroid! When thyroid hormones are not working, they cause havoc on your metabolism. They send signals to hold on to the fat or to not allow the fat to collect on your body.

9.) Excess fatigue

Do you wake up tired after a good night’s sleep? Can you not make it through the day with out napping? While it can be normal is you haven’t slept, if you are getting good sleep in your body should not be tired.
When your body is not doing what it should be doing, it makes everything work a lot harder than it has to which causes excess fatigue.

10.) Tried but unable to sleep at night

If you spend your day tired but when bed time rolls around you feel wired, this can also be a sign your thyroid needs help.
The ‘sleep’ hormones mingle with thyroid hormones, which can make regulation off sleep difficult. (This can also be an adrenal issues as well.)
While some of these symptoms  can and do indicate other issues with the body, they really are signs that your thyroid needs attention.

For More Information…

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Do you suffer with thyroid problems, what were some of your first indications of having a thyroid problem?

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