15 Things People Who Grew Up With A Stepparent Understand

Growing up with a step mom or step dad has it’s ups and downs because when someone new comes into your life, everything changes.
Those who grew up with a stepparent understand the unique journey of having to get to know a whole new family:

  1. It seems like everything happened so fast. One minute you’re talking to them over the phone, the next you’re at the alter delivering the ring, and now they’re your stepparent.
  2. Having to blend in your old life with a new one. You had to adapt yourself to a new lifestyle. Nighttime family dinners felt different, your daily routine changed, and even your chores were no longer the same. You probably had to move to a new place and change schools too.
  3. Thus became your identity as the weird new kid at school, which destined you for a wonderful time of stares, gossiping, and something possibly getting thrown at you in the cafeteria.
  4. You had to adapt to a new set of household rules that determined the outcome of your social life during high school…if you had one, that is.
  5. Not wanting to change your last name because it’s really cool and stepparent’s last name…not so much.
  6. You had someone to stand in the gap for the parent that couldn’t be in your life. So you didn’t have to go through the struggles of having an absent father or mother figure.
  7. Having step siblings which was sometimes a pain in the ass, especially if you were an only child before.
  8. Your step siblings even tried to compete with you which sometimes opened a can of worms. You may have been accused of gaining favor from your parents and endure a court-room like conversation with them as a result.
  9. Meeting your stepparent’s family which was probably one of the most awkward moments in your life because you were put in the spotlight and had to actually talk about yourself.
  10. Being pressured to call them “mom” or “dad” even though you weren’t ready for that. At all.
  11. Being pressured to say, “I love you,” which took about a million high fives and “see you later” until you finally said it. It’s not that you hated them, you just weren’t on that level yet.
  12. That awkward moment of saying, “I love you,” which is heart warming but uncomfortable at the same time because you weren’t sure what to do next. So you gave them a high five.
  13. That even more awkward moment when they met your biological parent and you could just bend the tension in the air.
  14. And if you happen to have lost your biological parent, it can be hard because you didn’tt want to make it look like you were replacing them.
  15. But you do appreciate your stepparent because they’ve always been there for you and will continue to do so.

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