How to Stop Sweaty Armpits? – Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer by Detoxifying Them Naturally How to Stop Sweaty Armpits? – Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer by Detoxifying Them Naturally

What is the reason to detoxify your armpits, instead of just continuing to use the regular deodorant just like you are doing now?! Today we are going to give you an answer to that question…
When it comes to the antiperspirants, as well as the classic deodorants that we know well, these contain different chemicals and additives that are blocking the body’s natural way to sweat, and once you take a look at the things on this list, you will see that there are some really dangerous stuff.

What deodorants contain?

Aluminum – it is one of those substances that can lead directly to Alzheimer’s Disease or cancer.
Phthalates are another serious endocrine disruptor which is a consistent part of the plastic that can become a cause for certain hormonal imbalance, and in some cases even infertility.
The Antifreeze, or the Propylene glycol as it is commonly known, is one of those additives that are raising serious debates about the products for personal care, and according to the Environmental Working Group, there is a benign risk of catching certain allergies and some toxic materials for the immune system.
Formaldehyde is another substance that can lead to cancer by killing the germs we want to be destroyed.
Parabens are one of the things that are causing damage to the hormones, and have an overall negative impact on the immune system.
Stop sweaty armpits
Why is it important for us to know these things? Has it ever happened to you to get somehow sick or to notice a lump on one of your armpits, or perhaps your neck?
If it did, then you should now that is playing an important part in the body’s immune system. And when we are putting some of those disruptive chemicals right on top of them, we are disrupting the normal work of the hormones and major immune functions.

As we all know it well, the skin covers our entire body and many of the things that are touching it, end up directly into the bloodstream. When you think about just how often the breast cancer has become, it is clever that we should avoid most of these types of chemicals. You can reduce the risk of breast cancer, just start doing an armpit detoxification that will help to increase the way our body is adjusting naturally, which also helps to get rid of some of those chemicals.
And if you are asking yourself whether it will work or not, the answer will be given by your body, as you will start noticing less uncomfortable odor, even when you haven’t put a deodorant.
By now, research has shown people who had tried the detox with natural deodorant and have not noticed a skin rash, and they are willing to recommend it to a friend. The results are more than just promising.
If you are interested, here is how you do it:

How to Stop Your Sweaty Armpits With This Simple Method?

  • one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • one tablespoon of bentonite clay and
  • one to two teaspoons of water

After you will mix all ingredients in a glass bowl, you should stir it with a wooden spoon until you get a consistent sour cream. When the admixture is done, you will put it on your armpits and let it be for about five to twenty minutes (increase the ‘dose’ each day).
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