The Doctors Advice The Doctors: Cynthia Bailey Uterine Fibroids, Anemia & Heavy Bleeding

The Doctors: Cynthia Bailey Uterine Fibroids

Cynthia Bailey is one of the stars of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but she came on The Doctors today to talk about her embarrassing medical condition of uterine fibroids.
Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that fibroids aren’t always a serious issue for women. But in Cynthia Bailey’s case, they were very important. Cynthia said she had heavy periods, which gave her a problem with anemia. Cynthia said that this was a big problem for her. “I’ve got a lot going on in my life. Ain’t nobody got time for fibroids now when you’re trying to build an empire,” she said, adding that she didn’t have any time to be tired.

The Doctors: What Are Fibroids?

A fibroid is a benign smooth muscle tumor that doesn’t progress to cancer. It grows at an out of control rate and they’re stimulated by hormones, estrogen in particular. Fibroids will typically stop growing or shrink after menopause, but they never disappear. 50 percent of African American women suffer from fibroids.
Dr. Ashton said it’s critical for women to know that there’s different types of fibroids, as well as locations and sizes. There’s also a lot of different treatments for fibroids..
Cynthia Bailey said it was driving her crazy that no one was talking about fibroids. She said she felt like she was the only one with fibroids.

The Doctors: Pregnancy Vs. Uterine Fibroids

Another symptom Cynthia Bailey described was frequent urge to urinate. She said she never felt good. She went to the Miss USA Pageant and all over the world, people said she was pregnant. She wasn’t pregnant, however. Her fibroids were making her bloated in a way that made her look pregnant.
That’s when she realized she had to get them treated and she had to talk publicly about the condition.
Dr. Ashton said that at least 1 in 3 non-African American women suffer from this. She said that fibroids vary greatly in size from the size of a thumbnail to making you appear six or even eight months pregnant. In Cynthia’s case, it caused heavy bleeding.

The Doctors: Uterine Fibroids And Heavy Bleeding

Cynthia Bailey said she was at a Bravo event and she was on her cycle with the heavy bleeding. After dinner, she got up to leave and she realized she was bleeding an incredible amount. She barely made outside to the elevator, where the blood was beginning to pool around her at her feet. Her husband had to call the front desk of the hotel and let them know she had an accident.

The Doctors: Why Are Fibroids More Common In African American Women?

Dr. Rachael said that there were several theories about why fibroids were more common among African American women. One theory is that the chemical relaxers they use in their hair increase their risk. Another reason is that it might be related to a Vitamin D deficiency. One in three African American people are deficient in Vitamin D. A third reason might be the diet, such as greater intake of meat, specifically pork products.
Cynthia said she used relaxers in her childhood and she ate a lot of meat in her childhood. She also said she never supplements her Vitamin D.

The Doctors: Common Fibroid Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of fibroids are heavy and prolonged periods, pain in the abdomen, and frequent urge to urinate.

The Doctors: What Is A Fibroid Procedure?

Dr. John Lipman performed a procedure on Cynthia Bailey to cut off the blood supply to the fibroid. It was a non-surgical procedure. They made a cut in the skin and guided a catheter over a guide wire to control the blood supply to the fibroid. There are two major arteries in the uterus which branch out and it’s in the branching out area that the fibroids grow. By cutting their blood supply, the fibroids die off, and the woman gets to keep her uterus.
Cynthia said it’s been about four months since she had the procedure, but she feels a lot better now. She said she felt better even just after a week.
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