Brantley Gilbert and Lee Brice: Heroes for charity

Country music stars Brantley Gilbert and Lee Brice are helping to make sure that 2015 ends on a high note for some needy families. Both artists have stepped up in a big way during a holiday season that didn’t look to be too joyful for some.
As Christmas approached, Brantley Gilbert joined with Bendon, Inc. to organize the largest donation that Toys For Tots has ever received. Every year, the U.S. Marine Corps-based charitable organization collects millions of toys for underprivileged children throughout the United States. Toy collection receptacles are set up at various retail and event locations through the months of October through December, but the U.S. Marines Corps also hosts events throughout the year to encourage interest in the program.Brantley Gilbert makes huge contribution to Toys for Tots
This year, Brantley Gilbert helped to donate $10.5 million to the charity, so that kids everywhere could experience joy on Christmas morning. Brantley Gilbert stated that he realized the Toys for Tots gift may be all that some kids receive for Christmas, so he really wanted the donation to matter.
Meanwhile, country artist Lee Brice was busy helping families who have been struggling since October. In his home state of South Carolina, residents were hit with the highest rainfall in the state’s history. At one point, 17 inches of rain fell within 17 hours. The deluge of water resulted in creeks and river banks overflowing, dams breaking, and residents being flooded out of their homes.
During concerts in October and November, Lee Brice collected donations for those devastated by the flood waters. By mid-November, Lee Brice had collected $10,000 for his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina and he donated an additional $10,000 to the American Red Cross to help with their emergency relief efforts.
There are times in life when people are in need of a helping hand and country music’s Brantley Gilbert and Lee Brice certainly turned out to be heroes for many in need this year.

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