18 Resolutions People With Fibromyalgia Are Making for 2016

1. “To keep moving my body! Stretch a lot every morning. Walk around the farm. Remember to move with careful awareness and treat myself to plenty of hot baths, black and white movies and Arnica Gel.

2. “To use my time wisely doing the things I love.”

3. “To allow myself to have bad days without feeling guilty.”

4. “To make it through my 45th year of having fibro and to never quit!”

5. “To give up trying to convince everyone that I am ill…”

6. “To get moving and capture more of life. That may be doing things modified for ‘the fibro’ I live with, but it’s still living.”


7. “To better advocate for myself, whether it’s with my healthcare providers, myself or family and friends.” 

8. “To do one thing a day. It could be laundry or just going out to get the mail.” — Susan Kenney

9. “To have a little more laughter in my life. Laughter is the best medicine!”

10. “To be gentle with myself and listen to my body, not just every day but every moment. To do what is necessary to support myself and surround myself with people who love me and bring positivity to my life. And to appreciate the so-called ‘little things’ that make life worth living.” fibro3-copy

11. “To be happy for every moment I am here, every moment without pain or fatigue, to be grateful for the friends and my family who are so wonderful. And to give hope and encouragement where I can.”

12. “To help myself and others to understand this thing better and to try and find a remedy that works for me.”

13. “To love life and keep believing there will one day be a cure.”

14. “To keep on keeping on no matter how bad the pain gets…”

15. “To get through each day, one at a time.”


16. “To share my success story with as many people as I can about how they can take control of their fibro.” 

17. “I decided a couple years ago not to make resolutions because I always feel like a failure one way or another. I live life to the best of my ability on a daily basis. I live to be happy and bring happiness to others.”

18. “To keep going and treat every day as a new start. I have fibro, but I refuse to let it have me.”


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