Obama, Hillary Clinton are the most admired men and women in America

s the year draws to a close and an endless stream of best of the year lists invade our social media feeds, there is one poll that is particularly intriguing, given the tumultuous year that 2015 provided the world and Americans in particular. On Monday, Gallup released its annual most admired men and women of the year survey. The results may surprise you.
According to the poll, the most admired man of 2015 is none other than President Barack Obama. The most admired woman was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sound the conservative war bells, this one must be rigged. Or maybe it’s just a reflection of the fact that these two names have dominated headlines for most of the year. Sure, Clinton may have had her Benghazi “scandal,” but it ended up just giving her more media face time. And the gross mishandling of the Benghazi investigation just ended up giving her more fodder to launch her campaign with overwhelming support. However, this isn’t Clinton’s first time topping the charts. Rather, it is her 20th time atop the most admired female list.
Obama’s top spot, however, is overshadowed by an unlikely number two. Donald Trump, a man whose recent bid for the presidency has cast him in a controversial yet somehow popular light, has won the admiration of Americans, or at least many of those who participated in the poll. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or you absolutely despise the leading Republican candidate, one thing is certain: The man knows how to draw support. Just take a look at the turnout at his rallies across the country. Trump tied Pope Francis for the position, but the fact that a pompous businessman went neck and neck with a pious man like Pope Francis is reason enough to take the candidate at least a tad bit more seriously. After all, this is a poll of the American public.
To be fair, the margin of error for the survey turned out a whopping 4 percent, which is quite a drastic margin. Nonetheless, the survey speaks to the general conscious of today’s voting public.
Here’s the breakdown of the results of most admired men and women:
Most Admired Man of 2015
Barack Obama (17%)
Donald Trump (5%)
Pope Francis (5%)
Bernie Sanders (3%)
Bill Gates (2%)
Most Admired Woman of 2015
Hillary Clinton (13%)
Malala Yousafzai (5%)
Oprah Winfrey (4%)
Michelle Obama (4%)
Carly Fiorina (2%)

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