Eewy Scalp Psoriasis

Warning: parts of this post may gross you out. But we’re gonna get real and I’m putting it all out there. You are not alone.

Okay for those of you like me with Scalp Psoriasis, its embarrassing to go to the hair dresser and have dandruff on your clothing.

I got “diagnosed” or found out (I don’t like to say that word because it seems too harsh a word) that I had Scalp Psoriasis last July.
I have been dealing with this stuff for awhile now; I know not as long as others have but I am just beginning this journey to solve my psoriasis the natural healthy way.
Before I tell you what I do, please note that I am not a licensed or certified doctor in any way.
These are the things that have helped me deal with my scalp psoriasis, personally.
Please consult your doctor or a physician before trying anything.
We’ll start from the beginning:
The cause of psoriasis is still unknown.
But, they do know two things.
Usually, the person is predisposed to psoriasis. Meaning, it typically runs in your family or a variety of other predispositions.
The other factor they know is that there is almost always a trigger that sets it off. Usually, that trigger is called stress. STAY AWAY FROM THAT. Go get yourself a massage- you earned it! If your husband is jealous of you getting a massage, tell him you are trying to prevent psoriasis. HAHA I’m totally kidding but seriously- stay away from stress. You can get a couple’s massage! Yeah! Everyone is happy. It can lead to way more than psoriasis and I don’t even want to go into all of that.
Anyway, I digress.
The doctors can’t tell you what your trigger was but it can usually be traced back to something.
My psoriasis started back when I thought I was going to be cool and all “Yeah NATURAL shampoo.”
Well, I tried that apple cider vinegar and baking soda “shampoo.”
At first, I thought I was just getting plaque build up because my scalp wasn’t used to those kind of ingredients. I thought, okay I’ll get dandruff for a few days and then eventually my body will get used to the shampoo and it will go away.
Well, my scalp started feeling really gross. So, I went back to my regular shampoo hoping that it would fix the issue though that didn’t help much. The plaque on my head got really thick and there were like nasty, yellow, pussing scabs on my head. EWWW! I only know this because that is what my husband told me.
The plaque got so thick that it didn’t even flake anymore. It was just like this weird cast on my head. That might be too much information but I know many of you can relate. I’m just being totally honest. Thank the lord mine was hidden beneath a thick layer of long hair.
Okay, I’ll stop talking about how nasty this was.
I had no clue what was going on! Well, I went to the dermatologist three months later because I was too embarrassed to show anyone. She diagnosed it in seconds. Scalp Psoriasis.
This is where I got really mad at doctors. They just wanted me to keep putting STEROIDS on my head for the rest of my life! I tried it for a month to break up some of the plaque but when I went back they just wanted to give me a stronger steroid. I said NO!
So this is where I looked for a natural remedy.
I have done research on what works for some people with oils and diets.
I also found out my grandma, grandpa, and one aunt all have Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance. I have read quite a few articles about the two being linked and a gluten free diet being able to help your psoriasis. After all, it is an anti-inflammatory diet, whether doctors want to dispute the fact that Celiac Disease might not exist.
I immediately started eating gluten free. That was easy for us because we already ate really healthy with a lot of fresh produce and meat. We either don’t eat “bread” products or substitute them for a gluten free option. Two words- CORN TORTILLAS! They are my favorite! Tacos, tacos, tacos!
I truly believe this helps keep my psoriasis to a minimum, yet it doesn’t completely clear it. Yes, I still have a bit of plaque. So, I set out to find a remedy that was natural.
I kept reading blog posts about all these different oils and spending $100-200 on an oil set that is supposed to cure your psoriasis. You are supposed to purchase this every month! Hello, I am not paying that! Not only was I trying not to put steroids on my scalp for life, but I was also trying to find a remedy that wouldn’t make me try and dig for change in my car to make ends meet. If you know what I mean.
Well, people started putting up their recipes with all these different oils. I started looking at the “common” ingredients in most of them.
I know this will not work for everyone because psoriasis is very unique to each individual. One thing might work for one person while it does nothing to help another person. Though, I hope some of you can benefit from my recipe. If this recipe doesn’t necessarily work for you, do the same thing I did. Try mixing different “common” oils in others’ recipes. You can always add more essential oils to this recipe, as well.

scalp psoriasis
Here is my topical remedy:
You only need four ingredients!
Well, an old raggedy hat, a grocery bag and an old coffee creamer bottle.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (This will be mostly your base- along with the next item)
Coconut oil (yeah!)
Tea tree oil (This will be the most expensive- typically $12 for a small bottle)
*Note: don’t worry you don’t need much of this. The bottle will last for awhile.
Raw, organic honey (preferably local is best)
*Note: they are finding some traces of arsenic in “organic” honey that is shipped from different countries. I don’t want that in my body!
So this old bottle is about 16 oz.
In a medium size bowl, heat up 3/4 a cup of coconut oil in the microwave. NO MORE THAN 30 seconds! This stuff can catch on fire so maybe heat it up in 10 second increments.
Once the coconut oil is liquid —
Add 3/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
Put 1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil in the same bowl
Add 1/4 cup of raw, organic honey
Shake the bottle up. Make sure the cap is on tight!
There you have it. That is it. Now what do you do with this stuff? Every night, for one month, coat your head with the solution. Rub it into the scalp. Put on that sexy raggedy winter hat with a grocery bag underneath it and go to sleep. Trust me, you want to put that grocery bag under there. I know it will crinkle and everything but otherwise you will have that oil seeping through the hat onto your bed sheets. Not good! I promise your husband will still love you in your sexy cap HAHA.
Side note: When you have this sitting on your scalp, it might start to itch quite a bit. That’s okay though. It is just breaking up all that old plaque and trying to expose new skin.
In the morning, shower like you usually do with the same shampoo. Try to keep the shampoo free of sulfates though. This is the main ingredient that dies your skin out. We need all the moisture we can get. It might require you to shampoo your hair twice just to get all the oils out.
Do this for a month, then only use it when you feel that the psoriasis is coming back. Use it for that night and then the next night. Stop use and continue when you feel it coming back again. This isn’t a one time solution but it sure beats steroids for the rest of my life! No thank you doc! I will keep my $200 for the visit and forget the steroids. The reason I tell you to stop and only apply when it comes back is because I don’t want your scalp and skin getting used to this solution.

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